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We Are A Healthy Pork Supplier in Penang

Pork Weng is slaughtered and cleaned directly from the pig farm every day, then carefully cut, clean and pack according to the needs of each customer. Pork Weng wishes every buy and sell process can be done online, bringing the public a reliable online meat dealer.

Pork Weng是每天直接从养猪场屠宰和清理干净了,再细心地给各个客户的需求来进行切法和干净的包装。Pork Weng 想看到整个买卖肉过程都可以在线上进行,给大众带来可以信赖的线上肉商。

Our Products

Fresh Meat 新鲜猪肉, Chicken 鸡肉, Frozen Food 冷冻食品, Ready-To-Eat 即食食品, Others 其他.